Maybaum Film introduces innovation and training program

With the "Maybaum Film Lab", the Baden-based film production company Maybaum Film wants to create new know-how, test new tools and promote the individual skills of the team members.

On April 27 and 28, the first official Maybaum Film Lab took place in Baden. The focus was on various post-production tools. An enormous change has been taking place in this area for several years. AI tools are finding their way into production workflows and are expected to give multimedia producers unimagined possibilities in content production. In addition, new moving image formats are constantly emerging on a wide variety of platforms. In order to be prepared for these exciting changes in the future, the Maybaum Film Lab was established.

In the absence of the management, the team was able to try out new software applications for two days. The new tools were tested under real production conditions on three fictitious customer projects. The three teams were supported by a total of six actors. The group work produced versatile content for use on a wide variety of online channels. Particularly outstanding was an AI-based color grading plug-in for DaVinci Resolve, which makes it possible to automatically color match clips - in astonishing quality. Furthermore, a consumer app was integrated into the existing workflow to create cinemagraphs in parallel to the shooting. Also a tool that allows to generate effective social media content in a simplified and fast way.

The Maybaum Film Lab will continue in November and is scheduled to take place twice a year. "We consider the promotion of new tools and workflows as a central element to be one step ahead of future trends and new developments," explains Managing Director Michel Alraun. And Rafael von Sury, the Lab's project manager, adds: "The LAB also gives the team the opportunity to test things that cannot be tried out in daily business. It forces them to break patterns, question routines and be open to changes in the market."

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