New agency Vizzibel targets speakers and leaders

Ewa Ming and Lyle Tölle found the personal branding agency Vizzibel. The agency's mission is to support leaders in their responsibility and power of action, so that they can leave sustainable digital footprints with relevant content and inspire people.

Started Vizzibel: Lyle Tölle (left) and Ewa Christina Ming.

Since the pandemic, it has become clear: Only those who are found online exist. Digital visibility, combined with a strong personal brand, is one of the most important prerequisites for professional success for people who want to communicate their expertise, messages and content or make a living from it. They need specific services tailored to their needs to build their career and market presence. Vizzibel GmbH offers these together with renowned partners and provides access to an exclusive business network.

Speakers, keynote speakers and leaders who want to be successful in the digital world need a tailor-made personal branding strategy and services that suit them. They need to appeal to and convince potential customers and followers alike, as well as build sustainable reach on social media with relevant content. The key to success, according to Vizzible, is having your own meaningful and personal website, along with constantly updated social media channels.

Building the "I-brand" and maintaining the online presence requires a lot of time and special know-how, which is often lacking. This is exactly the kind of need that agency founders Ewa Christina Ming and Lyle Tölle of Vizzibel want to cover. The newly founded agency is aimed at speakers, entrepreneurs and leaders who would like to be relieved of the burden and want tailored advice and services on the topic of personal branding.

For Ewa Christina Ming it is clear: "As soon as live events start again, speakers are needed who convince with a contemporary online presence and relevant content". Vizzibel offers all the necessary basics and services for an effective online and live presence. In addition, the agency develops the necessary strategy for the choice of communication channels with the public and potential event organisers. The extended offer of Vizzibel includes further marketing & networking services, courses such as Youtube marketing, appearance competence, positioning, rhetoric, storytelling but also classic media work as well as the whole handling of requests.

Ewa Christina Ming as an entrepreneur as well as an expert for digital visibility brings her many years of experience and network from the event, congress and marketing sector to the agency. Multiple startup entrepreneur Lyle Tölle stands out with his profound website and online know-how. Also involved in Vizzibel is Sunnie J. Groeneveld, entrepreneur, board member, moderator and speaker, who offers support with her digital expertise and business contacts.

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