OMG Switzerland launches environmental initiative Media Flights for Good

A plan for a better planet. With the environmental initiative Media Flights For Good, the Omnicom Media Group Switzerland wants to support climate protection projects of Myblueplanet together with its customers.

Every advertising campaign causes CO2 emissions, regardless of the medium in which it appears. OMG Switzerland has therefore asked itself what it can contribute to climate protection as a media agency and how it can assume more responsibility for its own corporate activities in the future. In a corporate social responsibility project group, the environmental initiative Media Flights for Good was launched. Together with the participating customers, an amount is donated to climate protection for each campaign, as OMG explains in a press release. In return, the customers and Omnicom Media Group are pooling their resources. The proceeds from Media Flights for Good will be used to support local climate protection projects of the partner NGO Myblueplanet. The NGO has set itself the task of using innovative solutions at local level to encourage people in Switzerland to adopt a climate-friendly lifestyle.

"It was important for us to choose a partner who acts on a local level and organizes projects in which we can also participate as a team with our manpower" explains Jens Brecht, CEO of Omnicom Media Group Switzerland. "It's not just about a fundraiser for us, we want to create something sustainable with Media Flights for Good and raise awareness that we can all contribute to climate protection."

A tree for each team member

In addition to the "Media Flights for Good" campaign, another OMG Switzerland project is in the starting blocks. In 2021, a tree is to be planted for each team member of OMG Switzerland together with Myblueplanet. This tree donation will also be continued for future employees.

Last year, OMG Switzerland already organised various internal CSR activities with the OMD and phd agencies, such as a plogging group and clean-up days. In addition, low-waste measures and recycling have been implemented and optimised in the agency for several years.

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