Kind regards and Schroten found joint NPO

The Zurich agency Freundliche Grüsse has joined forces with the young agency Schroten. They are the first Swiss agencies to found the joint non-profit organisation "Create Positive Impact".

They help refugees enter the world of work, dramatize the threat of Covid-19 with a meteorological symbol, help women's football to be seen: Freundliche Grüsse has been committed to social issues since its founding seven years ago, based on the intrinsic motivation of founders Pascal Deville and Samuel Textor. These projects are often at the crossroads of the agency's daily routine.

There are many topics that have no stakeholders. What to do with projects that drive you but have no direct connection to the agency's clients? What to do with personal ideas that don't serve a business purpose but that you're determined to make happen? You set up your own non-profit organization, writes the agency in a statement.

Fortunately, people with the same passion could be identified in the immediate vicinity: Together with Adrian Schräder and Michèle Roten from the young agency Schroten and the independent curator Georgina Casparis, the 2021 Create Positive Impact was brought into being. The purpose of the NPO, which is constituted as an association, is to become active with creative actions, content and dialogue work where there are no commercial interests and no institutional advocates - alone or in cooperation with partners.

With various initiatives, people who are on the run or are excluded are to be supported. In addition, we fight for openness, tolerance and colour in public spaces. Currently, among other things, with the art project Farbenberg, which is intended to upgrade the Witikon district of Zurich.

Farbenberg: the latest project to upgrade Witikon.
The initiatives: Integrated, FCZ Women, Singa Workshops and Swiss Muslim Stories.
The founders of Create Positive Impact: Pascal Deville, Georgina Casparis, Michèle Roten, Adrian Schräder and Samuel Textor (from left to right).
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