Maybaum Film adopts a racy Zurich girl

The Baden-based video production company Maybaum Film takes over Polymorph Pictures from Zurich and continues to operate it as a subsidiary. A sensible merger and another step on Maybaum's expansion course.

Maybaum Film takes over Polymorph Pictures. Laurent Ulrich, Michel Frutig, Michel Alraun and Richy Hafner (from left to right) are pleased about the merger.

Richy Hafner, founder and managing director of Polymorph Pictures, is handing over the reins to Maybaum Film after 18 years. Nevertheless, he wants to help shape the future of Polymorph, according to a statement. The friendly takeover by Maybaum Film fulfills the most important criteria for both sides. Hafner's main concern in the merger was the added value for his customers: "The quality of Maybaum Film's comprehensive service catalog perfectly complements the Polymorph offering.

In the future, Polymorph Pictures' customers will also be able to benefit from the 16-member Maybaum team, which is dedicated to strategy, conception and distribution in addition to traditional production services. Richy Hafner will remain as the contact person for Polymorph customers.

In the future, the company will be managed as a subsidiary under the name Polymorph Pictures - A Maybaum Film Company. Richy Hafner joins the three Maybaum owners on the new board of directors. Polymorph's premises in Zurich's Kreis 4 will also be taken over, providing Maybaum Film with a welcome expansion of its location. In Baden, they are pleased about the competent addition to the film family and the new "adoptive fathers" Michel Alraun, Laurent Ulrich and Michel Frutig are convinced that the takeover will open up new possibilities and additional flexibility for all involved.

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