The House takes stake in new agency group

The House joins the internationally developing agency group led by Ufenau Capital Partners, based in Switzerland.

The new logo is part of the corporate design that the agency treated itself to for its 10th anniversary.

Ufenau is acquiring 100 percent of the shares in The House - in return, the previous agency owners Stephan Suter, Andreas Jorgella and Grischa Rubinick are participating in the new group. Together with Frank Lang, the three will continue to form the operational management of The House.

Due to its expertise in the organic networking of strategy, creation, content & media and its distinctive digital competence, the agency The House will help shape the expansion of the agency group in the Swiss market, according to a statement.

In Germany, the group build-up has already been underway with Integr8 since the end of 2019. The fast-growing digital agency from Berlin was founded in 2014 and employs around 50 people who combine strategy, creation, marketing and technology under one roof.


Here's what previous agency owners have to say:

"With Ufenau and their approach to building a new agency group, we have not only found a financially strong partner, but also an experienced leadership team that actively supports our agency vision for successful networked communications solutions," said Andreas Jorgella, Director Business Development.

"Efficiency and effectiveness in Media is increasingly driven by technology and automated processes and workflows. Due to Integr8's DNA as a data-driven marketing specialist, we have also found excellent breeding ground for a technology hub with regard to AMO (our self-developed cross-channel planning & reporting application)," says Stephan Suter, Director Media.

"The fragmentation of target groups and media also presents us with challenges in terms of the successful implementation of big ideas and concepts, which we are able to meet flexibly, pragmatically and in a targeted manner as a medium-sized agency in the group network with interdisciplinary competencies from all areas," says Grischa Rubinick, Executive Creative Director.


...and the new owners:

"The House has an impressive track record and with its broad-based service offering and proven technical and management expertise, it fits perfectly into our development strategy in the Swiss market", says Ralf Flore, Managing Partner at Ufenau.

The House was founded at the end of 2010 and positions itself as a modern Swiss communications agency. Its expertise lies in the organic networking of strategy, creation, content & media.

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