Ads&Figures: On- and offline merge into new corporate design

Ads&Figures is constantly evolving, which the agency wants to convey with an overall presence. New CI and new CD form the basis, a website crowns the touch up. The project was realized in cooperation with the agencies WebKinder and Syn.


"Started 4 years ago as a startup, we have grown steadily with Ads&Figures. With the new appearance, we also do justice to this professionalization visually. The CI/CD shows a more mature and consistent orientation," says Simon Schütz, Lead Marketing & Communication at Ads&Figures. The logo, consisting of the initials A and F, was retained.

A slightly different approach was chosen for the new look and feel: While usually a finished corporate design manual exists and serves as the basis for a new website, these two projects were developed in parallel. "As a digital agency, we take place primarily online. It was therefore important to us that this digital feeling runs through the entire appearance. So printed materials such as business cards were inspired by the online world and vice versa," continues Schütz.

For the development and implementation of the new corporate design, Ads&Figures brought the Stans-based agency Syn on board. "We were allowed to take over the design part of the visual facelift - an exciting and challenging project," says Simon Leibundgut, Art Director at Syn.


New website as the centerpiece

Through logical leadership on the newly designed website the visitor is guided through the Ads&Figures offer - digital market cultivation. The implementation of the website was realized by the web agency WebKinder in Lucerne.

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