Alexander Haldemann is MetaDesign's new chairman responsible for global strategy

MetaDesign is strengthening its international cooperation and realigning its organization. Alexander Haldemann, former CEO and owner, will be responsible for the branding agency's global strategy as chairman. Lukas Eiselin will become CEO of MetaDesign in Switzerland.



MetaDesign is setting the course for the future with its new organization. Alexander Haldemann will become the new chairman of the branding agency, which has offices in Europe, Asia and North America. In this role he will be responsible for the global business development and profiling of MetaDesign.

Alexander Haldemann has been CEO of MetaDesign in Switzerland since 2001. In addition to the successful development work in Switzerland, he took over the San Francisco location as owner and was responsible for the development of MetaDesign in the USA. Starting in 2016, he gradually sold his stake to Publicis Groupe and led the integration of the branding agency into the global network. This process has been completed since last year.

Alexander Haldemann: "As a global network, Publicis Groupe creates the ideal framework for our ambitions. Within the group, MetaDesign has a clear position as a specialist in brand management. At the same time, and this is important for our clients, the seamless cooperation with our sister agencies allows us to access their proven competencies in media, technology and advertising. We call this interplay of all disciplines: "Power-of-One".



Lukas Eiselin studied marketing and management at the Universities of Basel and Lausanne. He started his professional career as a brand consultant in Denmark and Switzerland. From 2008 to 2014, he worked at MetaDesign Zurich, most recently as Head of Strategy. This was followed by five years as Vice President of Global Brand and Communications at Ricola. Since 2019, he has been a member of the Executive Board at MetaDesign in Switzerland.


Lukas Eiselin becomes CEO of MetaDesign in Switzerland

Lukas Eiselin, previously a member of the Executive Board, will become CEO of MetaDesign with immediate effect and will be operationally responsible for the Swiss business. Between 2014 and 2019, he headed global communications and brand management at Ricola and was responsible for repositioning the traditional Swiss brand.

Lukas Eiselin: "MetaDesign has shaped the Swiss brand landscape in recent years. With our locations in Zurich and Lausanne and global connections, we are in a strong position. It is my ambition to further expand this position and at the same time set new accents. Priority is given to solutions that enable our clients to manage their brands in a digital, agile and efficient way, which is especially required in the current times."

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