Y&R Group Switzerland is now called Wunderman Thompson

Since Thursday, the agency has only been operating with a single name on the market. The sub-brands Futurecom, Advico, Wunderman, Exxtra and Young & Rubicam (Y&R) have disappeared.


At Hardturmstrasse 133, the doorbells are changed: The agency name Wunderman Thompson replaces the network of names with the old sub-brands. The agency group is thus outwardly representing what has long been reality internally. Yvan Piccinno, CEO at Wunderman Thompson Switzerland, emphasizes: "Our guiding principle is We inspire Growth. Our employees have always joined forces to achieve this. Now we are making this philosophy of customer growth visible to the outside world through our joint brand identity." Representative for the change is the new website Wundermanthompson.ch.


People shape brands

The full-service agency Wunderman Thompson brings together all the relevant disciplines for forward-looking communications. These work closely together from the outset: "At Wunderman Thompson, experts from creation, strategy, data management and technology are not just gathered under one roof, but at one table," explains Swen Morath, CCO at Wunderman Thompson Switzerland. "This is how we develop solutions that inspire people to engage with a brand, shape it, and thereby inspire brand growth." The intensive collaboration results in groundbreaking marketing solutions in the areas of campaining, digital platforms, strategy, customer experience and marketing automation.


Collision bears fruit

Collaboration with customers and between individual departments and experts follows the "Collision Model" - based on the conviction that the collision of creativity, data, technology and strategy produces the best results. In addition to the close exchange between different specialists, Collision also stands for efficient project management and short decision-making paths - across disciplines and countries. The fact that this model is successful for customers is reflected in their decades of loyalty. Customers include Migros, Audi, PostFinance, Geberit and JTI.

One and one gives 20,000 plus

Worldwide, the fledgling Wunderman Thompson network now has 20,000 employees in 90 markets. In spring 2019, J. Walter Thompson and Wunderman, part of the global WPP Group, merged. The striking element of the new logo is the plus sign: The two partners are growing together into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The plus also stands for the growth that Wunderman Thompson creates for its clients. JWT has been out of Switzerland for several years, so this merger has no impact on local organization, structure and management. However, Wunderman Thompson Switzerland not only shares the name and positioning with the international network, as Yvan Piccinno emphasizes: "We are in lively exchange, can bring in specific know-how from a wide range of disciplines within a very short time, and can scale up quickly.

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