Agency check: KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner

Agency dog? Maternity leave? Overtime? Home office? In our "Agency Check" column, we put Swiss agencies through their paces. This time, the focus is on KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner from Zurich.

  • Date of foundation: April 1, 2004
  • Founders: Daniel Krieg and Uwe Schlupp
  • Current agency heads: Daniel Krieg and Uwe Schlupp
  • Number of employees: 20-30 (Team Fix/Team Free)
  • Current clients: VW, Coop City, Die Post, Lindt, Remei/bioRe, Halter, Sherpa Tensing, Zurich, Swiss Travel System, Traco Power, Familia, Valida, Rutschi.
  • Agency address: Seestrasse 367, 8038 Zurich

The most important campaign in agency history to date - and why?

Coop - For me and you. Because it helped KSP a lot. And Coop, too.


The most unusual place where your creatives retreat to be creative?

Of course, we don't know the most unusual ones. But there are many places to think in the agency.


What do you do when you have thought blocks? 

Think about something else.


What is your agency philosophy? 

More Purpose - More Profit.


Why should talented people definitely come to work for you?

To do meaningful work. To the extent possible for our industry.


How long do employees stay with you on average?

The average is not a good unit of measurement. Apart from Krieg and Schlupp, five people have already reached the 10-year anniversary, and more than 20 people have already reached the 5-year anniversary.


How old is your youngest employee, and how old is your oldest?

Since we train people ourselves, we always have young people at KSP. Jelena is 19, and since we have been around for 15 years, Uwe is now the oldest at 56.


How high are the wages you pay compared to the industry average? 

We pay in line with the industry. No one should come to us for money. But no one should leave because of money either.


What is the ratio between the best and the worst paid employee?

The difference is big, of course, precisely because we train and because some people have been there for so long.


Pay transparency: Do employees know among themselves who earns how much?

Not from us.


How much overtime do you work on average per week?

Of course, this varies quite a bit. We try very hard to divide the workload fairly in terms of time and personnel with our Team Fix/Team Free.


With which benefits do you compensate your employees for said overtime?

With additional days off between Christmas and New Year and over Ascension Day.


How long do you get maternity leave and how long paternity leave?

There we adhere to the legal requirements, again and again someone extends unpaid.


Is home office allowed - and if so, how often?

In principle, yes, but always in consultation.


What is the current quota of women?

60 percent


Do you employ interns?

Yes, all the time. Currently Olivia, a text intern*. And regularly the mentees from HTW Chur. (Editor's note: At the time of the interview)


Do you organize team events?

Of course the official Christmas party, together with friends and customers the barbecue in summer and the fondue in winter. Plus the ski weekend organized by the team, the annual DTP fondue, also organized by the team. And the Volunteering Day, when Gartengold needs us to pick apples.


Do you have an agency dog or other mascot?

Dogs are welcome, but at the moment only freelance. For this we have a violin fig.

Where do you drink your after-work beer?

At Guantanamo. That's the name of our garden, because it lies so romantically behind the wire mesh fence and the SBB wall.


Which campaign from the past twelve months are you particularly proud of?

We just like the subject for the gun law quite well.


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