The digital agency Y7K is closed

In 2014, four young minds founded the startup Y7K, which is now a renowned digital agency. Nevertheless, the current owners have decided to dissolve the agency at the end of July.


At the age of just 23, Samuel Alder, Ruben Feurer, Joris Noordermeer and Yves Sinka founded Y7K. The startup quickly evolved into an agency that works for renowned Swiss companies and employs nearly a dozen experts. In the last five years, Y7K has worked for clients such as SBB, Vontobel, Kanton Zürich and Migros.

Nevertheless, the current owners have decided to close the agency to pursue new directions. This was announced by the owners on Friday morning. Feurer, Sinka and Krieg are of the opinion that they have personally developed in recent years and that the step to leave Y7K behind feels right.

It is not an easy decision, but the owners are convinced that happiness can only be found if one has the courage to make big decisions.

Y7K designed and developed software, among others for SBB, which was accessed several million times per month. Together with customers, new digital business models were developed and introduced to the market. And even at Vontobel, we were able to challenge and help shape new products at C-level. Y7K has also repeatedly challenged the status quo at the organizational level. For example, the team introduced Holacracy as a new form of organization and dared to take the step towards complete salary transparency. They are proud of what they have accomplished over the years and are now looking forward to new adventures, according to the release.

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