Aroma and CRK establish Liike

With Liike, the agencies Aroma and CRK create a joint venture that develops and hosts diverse formats for lively dialogues on various sustainable topics.


"With Liike, our companies, which have been committed to future issues for years - Aroma, for example, for zero waste large-scale events and CRK for renewable energies or environmentally compatible mobility - want nothing less than to improve the world in a sustainable way," is how Thomas Löhrer, Chairman of Liike's Board of Directors, describes the mission.

To this end, Liike designs and implements live and digital communities around the topics of climate, energy, mobility, smart cities and sustainable art, and uses various platforms to shape lively and lasting relationships between companies and communities. In addition, the company offers consulting and project management in the areas of sustainability and future urban development.

Liike CEO Nina Schaller sums it up: "Liike discovers, programs and stages inspiring spaces where engaged people and companies meet: real, digital, virtual, live and outdoor."


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