Mediatonic founds AEKO - Digital Advertising Technology

Mediatonic, the independent media agency based in Geneva but largely active in German-speaking Switzerland, is founding AEKO. The new programmatic division already serves six of Mediatonic's major clients.


Matthieu Robert, Co-Owner and Head of Digital: "Aeko is Mediatonic's new programmatic unit that takes care of all Real Time Advertising activities. Aeko's expertise is focused on campaigns combining premium inventories and data-driven approach. Aeko's objective is to use all available channels to produce integrated and optimized online campaigns. Digitonic - online division of Mediatonic - will from now on offer its clients a global consultancy, i.e. Programmatic, Search, Social and Adops, all under one roof."
Digitonic specializes in customized online media solutions. It takes an integrated approach to incorporate Mediatonic's offline recommendations into its online considerations. The goal is always a coherent, global media dispositif.

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