Swiss Youtuber Founds Agency for Corporate Storytelling

Kilian and Loredana Bamert-Carrabs have founded the agency Corporate Storyteller. The Saturday.and.Sunday bloggers' first clients include Heidiland, Hotelplan and Libertycard.


Saturday.and.Sunday stands for the Swiss Youtuber Loredana and Kilian. As travel and home bloggers, the young Bamert-Carrabs couple entertains a wide audience via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and their blog: Saturday.and.Sunday is followed by a good 18,500 followers. It all started at the beginning of 2017, when the young couple went on a trip around the world and shared their experiences via social media channels.

Due to the positive response from Saturday.and.Sunday and inquiries from companies, the two founded an agency for corporate storytelling in November 2017. From the day of its founding, Corporate Storyteller by Saturday.and.Sunday was already able to enjoy prestigious clients: For the vacation region Heidiland, they train employees in video production and corporate storytelling. For the Hotelplan YouTube channel, Saturday.and.Sunday produce a video blog series under the theme #nofilter. For the Libertycard and Bonus Card, the agency developed Corporate Storyteller a content strategy that covers all of the brands' newly opened social channels.

A bachelor's degree in multimedia production, a CAS in art direction, an executive MBA and six years in the marketing and communications industry make Loredana and Kilian professionals in corporate storytelling, they write in a media release. Saturday.and.Sunday fills the need for multimedia support and creative partners in content creation for holistic corporate stories and content productions.

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