New name, new management: Wirz Corporate becomes Wirz Brand Relations

Less than 100 days after Thomas Städeli took over as the new CEO of Wirz Corporate, various strategic decisions have already been taken to position the agency for the future with greater focus and thus success. This includes the name change to Wirz Brand Relations, which was officially completed today.


"With the new name, we emphasize our long-standing brand expertise. In our dynamic and networked world, a deeper understanding of the role and functionality of brands is needed more than ever. When almost anything is possible, it is all the more necessary to have an eye for the essentials when building and maintaining brand relationships," says Thomas Städeli, explaining the move.

To further underline the importance of creativity in modern brand management with relevant content and attractive design, the agency has also brought Michaela Burger on board. Since June, she has been heading up creative at Wirz Brand Relations as Creative Director and member of the Executive Board. She was previously Design Director at Jung von Matt/Brand Identity and has worked for various international branding and design agencies over the past 15 years - including Interbrand in Zurich, Moscow and New York. She has won numerous international design awards for her work.

"Never before have there been so many innovative ways to develop brands with vibrant character. New touchpoints and technologies provide an exciting playground for our interdisciplinary team to create powerful brand experiences and relationships. I am very much looking forward to tackling these tasks together with the team," Burger said in a statement.

Together with Thomas Städeli, Michel Reichmuth and Thore Lingel, Michaela Burger forms the new management team of Wirz Brand Relations.

Parallel to the aforementioned changes of course, five new mandates in the areas of brand strategy and positioning, brand design and content marketing were won in the last two months. With this tailwind, the agency is now starting its new phase of life.

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