KSP realizes sustainable posters for VW, EWZ and Coop City

Thanks to a partner audit, KSP now offers sustainability across the entire value chain. The first results are sustainable posters for VW, EWZ and Coop City.


On its 13th birthday on April 1, KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner published its third sustainability report. And for the first time, the agency has advanced into the green top group with 92 percent of all achievable points. This is thanks to the new partner audit, in which the agency's partners and suppliers are also certified, so that KSP can work with them to offer a certified value chain.

The first pilot project of this new partner auditing is a poster series that Agentur realized in cooperation with the first two certified partners Setaprint and APG|SGA for their customers VW, EWZ and Coop City.


According to the announcement, KSP is inviting further partners to become certified immediately and on an ongoing basis in order to allow the sustainable network to grow steadily. Responsible for the certification is still 2bdifferent, based in Speyer. The KSP Sustainability Report 2016 is now available on the new KSP website.


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