Wirz Wietlisbach Dialog becomes Wirz Activation

Mit einem Rekordergebnis für 2016 in den Büchern und rund anderthalb Jahre nach dem Ausscheiden von Guido Wietlisbach aus der operativen Führung von Wirz Wietlisbach Dialog hat sich die Agentur für performanceorientierte Kommunikation zum 1. Februar in Wirz Activation umbenannt.


"Not too big a deal," as CEO Jörg Bewersdorff emphatically puts it soberly. "In principle, the name change is really mainly cosmetic in nature. The fact that we took this opportunity to replace "Dialog" with "Activation" has to do with our self-image of communication that is as individualized as possible. And at Wirz Activation, this no longer consists only of classic dialogue, but much more of the channel-neutral and increasingly data-driven activation of brand and customer values. "That doesn't mean that we don't continue to do offline and online mailings with dedication. But we are just as much at home at the POS and simply everywhere where it is a matter of capitalizing on brands and offers with equally empathetic and sales-boosting solutions," adds Bewersdorff.

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