Nexum Switzerland opens Enhanced Interaction Lab

With the newly opened "Enhanced Interaction Lab", the digital agency Nexum explores novel forms of interaction and realizes digital innovations up close and personal.


The way users interact with digital services and the Internet is undergoing major change. While currently the use of the Internet via websites and apps still predominates, interactions in virtual reality, via bots and the Internet of Things (IoT) will increase significantly in the future. With the newly opened "Enhanced Interaction Lab", the digital agency Nexum is researching new forms of interaction and realizing digital innovations close to the real world.


The new lab that Nexum has set up at its Könizstrasse location in Bern is equipped with a wide variety of devices. VR glasses, IoT development kits, sensors and other equipment are intended to be a haven for hands-on experimentation with various technologies such as virtual reality, chatbots, the Internet of Things or other Internet-related digital interaction technologies, according to Managing Director Nicola Schlup. The focus, according to Schlup, is on developing potentially business-relevant applications. "With the Enhanced Interaction Lab, we want to take an emphatically playful approach to digital innovations in a wide variety of technology areas, but our focus is to prove that the new forms of interaction are precisely no mere gimmick. Used correctly, they offer companies interesting added value in all areas, whether marketing, development, sales or production," says Nicola Schlup.

Two concrete prototypes from the areas of virtual reality and the Internet of Things are currently being developed in the new Interaction Lab, with which Nexum intends to demonstrate the advantages of the technologies to interested companies in the new year. According to Schlup, various demonstration developments will also be made publicly available in 2017.


Nexum is not only committed to the aforementioned key technologies within the framework of the new Lab. Together with the Impact Hub Bern, the new co-working and innovation hub in Bern, Nexum has entered into a partnership in which Nexum experts will conduct a number of different know-how sessions and workshops on the topics of virtual reality, bots, Internet of Things and innovation. Nexum will also be focusing intensively on new, digital forms of interaction as part of a series of specialist articles.

The next event at ImpactHub Bern will take place on January 17 from 6:30 p.m. on the topic of "Innovation in everyday business".

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