Christmas mailing unique in the world

The House also sets new benchmarks in communication for the festive season. In the current Christmas mailing, the agency surprises its clients and friends once again: unusual recipes and quirky illustrations are sent in a glass dough roller on the world's first printed baking paper that can be used on both sides.

TheHouse-Kundenkampagne 1

From "Blueberry Bombshell" to "Mad Butcher" and "Peanut Butter Monster" to "Drunken Baker": unusual ingredient combinations make each recipe weirder than the next. The mailing with the bizarre Guetzli recipes was illustrated by Swiss artist Adrien Heiniger. All texts and drawings were printed directly on baking paper, which is unique in this form. The baking paper was shipped in a custom-made glass container that doubles as a dough roller. No recipe is too weird - whether baking with bacon, bourbon or other unusual ingredients!


Responsible at The House: Grischa Rubinick (Executive Creative Director); David Roth, Patrick Meyer (Creative Director Copy); Manuel Steiner (Art Director); Laura Jaggi (Graphic); Paola Gächter (Senior Consultant); Nico Podgorny (Director Consulting); Adrien Heiniger (Illustrator); Sven Germann (Photography); Armin Kappeler (Packaging).

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