Andrea Bison: How the advertising industry inspires the next generation

Andrea Bison, Co-CEO of Thjnk Zurich and Advertiser of the Year, shares her insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the advertising industry in an interview with m&k At Creative Days 2024, she discusses the promotion of young talent and the future of creativity through AI.

Andrea Bison (left) with Mieke Haase at Sihlberg Castle during the Creative Days 2024 (Image: Beat Hürlimann)

During Creative Days 2024 in Zurich, the reigning Advertiser of the Year, Andrea Bison, spoke on the panel "The Council" about her views on the development of the advertising industry and the creative opportunities it offers. She emphasized how important it is not to allow yourself to be victimized by circumstances, but to always question the circumstances and push the boundaries to find creative solutions.

Andrea emphasizes the unique development opportunities in the advertising industry, which allow you to let your own personality flow into your work. Unlike many other areas and industries, advertising offers scope for creativity and ideas that arise from people's individual life stories and inspirations.

Andrea Bison (far right), Julia Staub, Martin Spillmann, Frank Bodin and Manuel Wenzel discuss creativity and excellence on the panel.

Another key topic of the conversation was the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the advertising industry. Andrea sees AI as a door opener to new creative worlds that were previously undiscovered. Although the industry is still in an experimental phase, she sees great potential in the new opportunities opened up by AI.

When asked who embodies the creative ultimate for her - the motto of this year's ADC Switzerland Creative Days - Andrea explains that there is no single person, but rather many inspiring personalities that she has met over the course of her career. She is particularly impressed by her partner Mieke Haase, CCO of Loved, whose imagination and creativity have reached a new dimension thanks to the new tools of AI.

Finally, Andrea emphasizes the importance of events such as the Creative Days or the ADC Festival. Such events offer the opportunity to recognize and inspire each other and to maintain the creative spirit that is essential for the creation of great ideas.

The entire interview can be viewed in the video, which is part of this article.

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