Creativity in chaos: Mieke Haase on the future of advertising with AI

Mieke Haase, Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Loved, spoke at the ADC Switzerland Creative Days about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in modern advertising. Her presentation was a perfect fit for the motto "Nonplusultra".

Mieke Haase began her career in advertising at Springer and Jakoby before switching to branding and founding her own agency. Today she works at Loved. When asked why she stayed in advertising, she replies immediately: "I can't do anything else."

Haase describes "chaos" as an essential component of creative processes. She explains that chaos promotes diversity and creativity, especially when working with prompts in AI. Prompts make it possible to relinquish control and achieve unexpected results. A recent project using AI was the creation of a Wi-Fi sign on a pool for Sunrise. Instead of an elaborate shoot, the image was created in Loved's Rain Studio using AI, saving time and resources and creating space for better ideas.

Haase emphasizes that AI can not only replace shoots, but also create images that would otherwise be impossible. The time saved is invested in more creative ideas, which represents added value for customers. Her favorite tool is MidJourney, which she discovered and self-taught during a period of illness. She particularly appreciates the creativity and dialogical way of working that the tool enables. For Haase, it is important to pass on these experiences and techniques to the next generation to ensure that creative quality is maintained and promoted.

On the subject of young talent and quality, Haase advises young creatives to invest more time in museums and books in order to draw on a wealth of experience instead of relying solely on platforms such as Pinterest. In agency work, AI is often used for mood boards. However, Haase emphasizes that it is important to use AI in such a way that the results are not immediately recognizable as such, but are convincing due to their quality.

Finally, Haase talks about the need to think more generally and to question processes. In today's world, it is important to be productive and innovative and not just rely on the possibilities of AI, but to use them sensibly and purposefully. The age of the creative generalist has dawned, where it is less about specialists and more about the ability to combine virtuously.

The full interview with Mieke Hasse is available in the video as part of the technical article.

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