Recycling of advertising sheets: initiates sheet recycling cycle has initiated the sheet recycling cycle with Correct Connect and Kleika. The recycling of PVC sheets is intended to promote sustainability in the advertising industry.

From left to right: Martin Zeiter from, Amma Boffah from Kleika and Mirco Mühlebach from Correct Connect. (Image: zVg.)

The display of advertising panels can sometimes be an attractive measure for regional campaigns. However, the production and disposal of the PVC sheets lead to environmentally harmful chlorine compounds. In addition, the additives and plasticizers used for soft PVC are also harmful to the environment, which casts a shadow over this measure. Based on these findings and with advice from the City of Zurich's Eco Compass and Intep, looked for a solution for a recycling loop.

The Zurich agency found what it was looking for with partner companies Correct Connect and Kleika. As part of the Blachen cycle Correct Connect, which is responsible for posting, then delivers the sheets to Kleika. The St. Gallen-based company for professional reintegration then takes over the further processing. The canvas material is used to make bags, rucksacks, wallets and other items, thus closing the cycle.

"We are delighted that we can make a contribution to sustainable recycling in the advertising industry with the Blachen-Kreislauf," says Martin Zeiter, Creative Director and Partner at

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