30 percent of German commercials advertise climate-damaging products

Almost one in three German commercials on television and YouTube advertise climate-damaging products. This is the conclusion of a recent study by the University of Leipzig.

(Iconic image: Unsplash.com)

Of the commercials examined, 30 percent advertised goods and services with a high carbon footprint. These include chocolate, air travel and cars.

According to the authors, the advertising industry is thus violating the German Media Act. This stipulates, for example, that advertising must not promote behavior that "significantly endangers the protection of the environment". The researchers are therefore calling for political measures such as mandatory warnings or advertising bans.

Criticism of the advertising practice has also recently come from Switzerland: last year, Greenpeace complained that Migros and Coop were advertising animal products and boosting their sales with "massive campaigns". According to the environmental organization, one franc spent on advertising animal products causes four times more greenhouse gas emissions than one franc spent on vegan substitute products.

The study published in May by the University of Leipzig on behalf of the Otto Brenner Foundation analyzed around 10,000 commercials from the largest German TV stations and on YouTube and calculated the carbon footprint of the advertised goods. (AWP/ESG News Service)

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