How PAM Advertising whets the appetite for cookie dough

The Zurich advertising agency PAM Advertising designed and implemented a guerrilla campaign for Cookie Bros on live TV. For several weeks, female viewers advertised cookie dough live on the "TalkTäglich" program.

Screenshot; Vimeo

Cookie Bros cookie dough has been available at Coop and Coop Pronto since 2023 - the German company recently launched its first advertising campaign in Switzerland. To generate high-reach awareness for Cookie Bros cookie dough, PAM Advertising designed and realized a guerrilla campaign that took place live on TV.

Advertising messages for "TalkTäglich"

Over several weeks, the agency wrote advertising messages for the cookie dough that were tailored to the current topic of the show and mobilized several viewers to call in to the live broadcast. The people had to pass a multi-stage preliminary test on "TalkTäglich", which they did several times.

If the people were connected live, they were able to successfully place the advertising message. For example, Lisa Mazzone, President of the Swiss Green Party, Parasnowboarder Romy Tschopp and National Councillors Regine Sauter and Lorenz Hess were confronted with cookie dough messages in the middle of the discussion. Watch the video of the program here:

Responsible at Cookie Bros: Mark Mühürcüoglu (CEO), Ann-Cathrin Krauß (Head of Brand); responsible at PAM Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (overall responsibility, creative direction, realization); caller casting: Story Media Spescha.


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