These were the most successful YouTube commercials of 2023

As part of the YouTube Ads Leaderbaord 2023, the most successful Swiss commercials of the past year were evaluated based on data. Swisscom, Manor and Galaxus lead the rankings in the categories Bumper Ads, Short Form Videos and Long Form Videos.

Bumper ads are a clever format for quick and concise messages. It is not only the frontrunners such as "blue Benefit" from Swisscom and "Wingo Black Friday" that demonstrate their effectiveness in generating sales and presenting offers. The spots in 3rd to 5th place also focus specifically on communicating offers or refer to special events. Dosenbach, for example, uses the short six-second time slot to attract viewers' attention with "Back to School" for the start of school after the summer vacations.

The financial institutions Valiant Bank and Bank Cler also present offers from their respective institutions in their bumper ads in order to appeal to potential customers and draw attention to their services. This diversity shows how flexibly and effectively the bumper ad format can be used for different sectors and marketing objectives.

Bumper Ads, Rank 1

Bumper Ads, Rank 2

Bumper Ads, Rank 3

Bumper Ads, Rank 4

Bumper Ads, Rank 5

Short form videos already offer a little more scope to tell a story or present products and services in more detail. The Christmas clips from Manor and Lindt show how companies use this format to capture the festive mood and put the spotlight on their products. The short form clips from Migros, Focus Water and Apfelkiste also use this form of advertising in a channel-appropriate way, which is ultimately what matters.

Shortform videos, rank 1

Shortform videos, rank 2

Shortform videos, rank 3

Shortform videos, rank 4

Shortform videos, rank 5

Long-form videos lasting over 30 seconds need a sophisticated story and convincing staging to captivate viewers. The selection of "Fitness Journey" by Galaxus as the winner shows that humor and a well-executed influencer spoof can be effective.

Long Form Videos, Rank 1

Long Form Videos, Rank 2

Long Form Videos, Rank 3

Long Form Videos, Rank 4

Long Form Videos, Rank 5

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard offers an interesting insight into the most popular advertising clips and shows how various factors such as organic and paid views as well as interactions are used for evaluation using an algorithm. It's an exciting time for advertising as companies are always looking for new ways to connect with their audience and stand out from the competition. Creativity, storytelling and channel-appropriate executions are playing an increasingly important role. explored the secrets of successful YouTube creations in a video interview with a representative of one of the award-winning commercials and with Scott Little from YouTube. The corresponding article will be published in the coming days.

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