Seed: Shaping the future of teaching together

The University of Zurich is shaping the future of teaching, together with its teaching community. Seed has contributed a surprising film.

The University of Zurich is the most diverse and, with around 28,000 students, also the largest university in Switzerland. With the "Future of Teaching at UZH" initiative, it aims to strengthen and further develop teaching. A key factor in the success of the initiative is the commitment of the teaching community, consisting of professors, lecturers, tutors and all other people involved in teaching.

The University of Zurich is addressing its teaching community with a compact film to get them excited about the initiative. The film is intended to encourage those involved to actively contribute to the teaching community and learn from each other. It emphasizes the important role they play in the further development of teaching.

The special feature of the film lies in its unconventional approach: The focus is on a wide variety of chairs. The film was directed by Simon Ramseier. The film will be used at events and presentations as well as on the website and in social media.


Responsible at the University of Zurich: Lucie Hauser, Allegra Schiesser, David Schmocker, David Werner; responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG: Simon Ramseier (writer, director, editor), Stephan Huwyler (cinematographer), Johan Lindqvist (lighting), Roman Linder (color grading), Bardo Eicher (sound design/sound mixing), Viviane Rapp, Lea Haettenschwiler (production design), Claudio Garovi (production manager), Felix Courvoisier (producer)

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