At VBZ, over-50s don't belong on the sidelines

With an eye-catching personnel campaign by Ruf Lanz, VBZ is addressing a target group that is often neglected on the job market: the over-50s.

In times of labor shortages, fresh ideas are also needed in personnel marketing in order to find good and motivated employees. Ideas that break with the usual patterns.

VBZ is looking for new streetcar pilots and bus drivers with Ruf Lanz's campaign, which starts today. It is aimed specifically at the 50-plus generation, which is often unfairly left out of the labor market.

Tobias Gees, Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding at VBZ, comments: "Studies reveal a vital and motivated 50-plus generation that employers far too rarely have on their recruiting radar. Many would definitely be open to a new and exciting job offer."

That's why VBZ is breaking new ground with Ruf Lanz. Creative Director Markus Ruf explains the concept: "Each motif alludes to a youthful event that the over-50s target group remembers and visually captures it in a loving way; from screwing around on the legendary Puch Maxi moped to making out in the dark movie theater to the cult film Dirty Dancing."

The fresh recruitment campaign is rolling out from today with a variety of subjects: on advertisements, posters, hanging boxes, digital out-of-home, postcards and social media.

Ruf Lanz has already positioned VBZ as an attractive employer several times in the past. Silvia Behofsits, Head of Corporate Communications at VBZ, comments: "With the creative campaigns, we gained many motivated new employees, including more women. We also won several HR Excellence Awards and the European Change Communications Award."



Responsible at VBZ: Silvia Behofsits (Head of Corporate Communications), Tobias Gees (Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding), Ursula Heiniger (Deputy Head of Corporate Communications Consulting), Lorena Bachmann (Employer Branding and Recruiting Manager), Sherin Madassery (Junior Project Manager Corporate Communications) Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf, Danielle Knecht-Lanz (Creative Direction), Mario Moosbrugger, Isabelle Hauser (Art Direction), Markus Ruf (Text), Armin Arnold (DTP & Typography), Gian Marco Juon (Consulting Management), Kevin Meier, Marc Engeli (Consulting Assistance).



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