Muntagnard and brinkertlück: It's now so easy to become a Bündner:in

Every time you buy a MIUtec jacket from Muntagnard, you preserve a piece of land in Graubünden. In cooperation with the municipality of Chur, a wonderful piece of woodland has been made available for this purpose.

Who wouldn't want to be Graubünden? We all love the dialect. The humor. The Grisons charm. The Grisons cleverness. Now everyone in Switzerland finally has the opportunity to become a Bündner:in. But let's start at the beginning.

Muntagnard is the circular fashion brand from Graubünden. Consistent sustainability, for which they have already received several awards, is at the forefront. Last year, Muntagnard opened its first biodegradable showroom. A showroom that can rot in the Viamala gorge. Now the brand has come up with something new.

The principle is quite simple: anyone who buys a MIUtec jacket from Muntagnard receives a piece of land in Graubünden. And thus becomes a Grisons:in. This is no mere marketing gimmick. The municipality of Chur itself has made the land available for this idea. The plot will be marked so that all new Graubünden residents can admire their place with a view of the Graubünden mountains.

This piece of land is therefore in a zone that cannot be built on or cultivated. In keeping with the principle that nature knows best what is good for it. And after all, it was nature that made Graubünden the beautiful place it is today.

"Of course we want to stand out on the market again with this campaign. But to stand out with a real promise and with real messages in it. The MIUtec jacket won two awards at ISPO 2022 for its innovative and sustainable design. Every little detail of the jacket has been designed with a sustainable future in mind. And it looks great too," say the two founders Dario Grünenfelder and Dario Pirovino.

The idea for the "Bündner:in werden" campaign came from the values agency brinkertlück, which also developed the showroom for rotting.

"On the one hand, the idea is to convince people that they really can get their little piece of Graubünden here locally. On the other hand, the charm should also inspire Muntagnard's customers. For example, everyone who buys the jacket receives a signed "Graubündnis" with Muntagnard for purchasing the land. This also creates a community of new Graubünden residents that can then be further activated as a brand," says Dennis Lück, founder and Managing Director of brinkertlück Switzerland.

The campaign starts with an online performance campaign, with owned channel measures (social media and newsletter), in-store announcements and various accompanying measures such as a certificate and signage on the forest property.


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