10-year company anniversary and new shareholders for Ateo

Ateo GmbH, Zurich's leading digital agency for virtual and mixed reality, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. At the same time, two long-standing employees, Melissa Derrer and Xavier Heimgartner, become partners at Ateo.

Since it was founded in 2013, Ateo GmbH has established itself as one of the pioneers and leading digital agencies in the field of virtual reality and mixed reality in Switzerland. "Our passion is to develop digital products that are not only visually appealing, but also stable, easy to use and fun," says Sebastian Tobler, founder and Managing Director of Ateo GmbH. Over the last 10 years, VR projects have been created that allow users to learn hand hygiene in a virtual hospital environment, complete a teacher training course in front of a school class or float over the Alps in a hot-air balloon, for example. 

New shareholders strengthen the future of Ateo

Melissa Derrer has been with Ateo since 2016 and heads up the Graphics and Interaction Design departments. Xavier Heimgartner joined the team in 2018 and is head of software development. Both Ms. Derrer and Mr. Heimgartner have been an essential factor in Ateo's success with their dedicated work for more than 5 years. The ownership structure of the company should reflect this, which is why Ateo no longer has a single shareholder and managing director, but three with immediate effect.

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