Swans instead of geese: TV commercial with artificial intelligence on SRF 1

The new TV commercial for Eker Daunen Manufaktur was created with the help of AI - this was neither planned nor always easy. What experiences the agency had.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of the advertising world. More and more advertisers are relying on the technology in a wide variety of areas to create innovative and effective advertising campaigns. For the first time, SRF 1 is showing a TV commercial whose content was mainly generated by AI.

The fact that the new TV commercial for Eker Daunen Manufaktur AG was to be produced with the help of AI was not planned from the outset, according to a press release. The eastern Swiss company commissioned the agency im Grünen to shoot a creative commercial that would showcase geese. However, when the animal trainer canceled due to time constraints, it was decided in a multi-stage process within the agency and in close consultation with Eker to rely on generative AI.

This also allowed the high standards of animal welfare to be maintained, as a photo shoot or filming would cause great stress for real geese. The production of the TV commercial with AI proved to be very complex. Originally conceived as a moving image spot, AI video generators apparently did not deliver any usable moving images. The agency therefore initially relied on basic subjects, which proved to be another challenge. Careful prompt design produced reasonable results, but the search for specific content proved more difficult.

Swans instead of geese

The variety of goose species and breeds led to unexpected results: Mixed in with the countless two-headed or three-legged monster mongrel geese was a surprisingly large amount of swan content that deviated from the desired white domestic goose. In the end, it was a process of trial and error in which thousands of images were generated. In the end, six images were found that created a uniform overall impression and served as the basis for further development. For web, print and film. The current TV commercial has now been realized with layers and light animations. This creative realization is all the more suitable for the adaptation of print subjects.

The media planning for the TV campaign was planned and implemented together with Admeira. The TV spot can be seen regularly on SRF 1 this year until at least December 15, 2023.





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