Poster recourse against the "Prime123" recourse

The "Prime123" construction project by Welti-Furrer, which has been approved by the city, would bring affordable housing to Zurich West. Because the Hamasil Foundation has lodged an appeal against it, Welti-Furrer is strikingly informing the population about the prevention.

The first poster by Welti-Furrer ...

When it comes to preventing construction projects in Zurich, the name Hamasil is not unknown. Among other things, the foundation based in Zurich's Kreis 5 delayed the construction of the Prime Tower by several years.

The latest appeal is directed against the "Prime123" building project by Welti-Furrer in Zurich West. Here, apartments for 1,000 francs, 150 trees, gastronomy and retail as well as a modernized parking garage with electric parking spaces are to be built.

The building project, which renowned teams of architects have been working on for eight years, was approved by the city of Zurich in June 2023. The Hamasil Foundation's appeal has now delayed this project.

According to owner Thomas Knecht, Welti-Furrer has always been open to constructive talks: "Unfortunately, these have been refused by the Hamasil Foundation and its founder Martin Seiz for 1.5 years. Mr. Seiz refuses not only to talk to Welti-Furrer in person, but also to the media."

That is why Welti-Furrer decided on a striking recourse of the recourse and clarifies the population with mega-posters of her agency Ruf Lanz directly on the spot and very clearly about what is to be prevented here.

Already the first poster "Hamasil prevents apartments here for CHF 1000.-" attracted a lot of attention in the neighborhood and in the media. The comments showed that many people do not agree with the appeal.

Now Welti-Furrer is doing the same: The second megaposter alludes to the founder of the foundation, Martin Seiz, and informs the neighborhood population that the former timber merchant wants to prevent 150 trees from being planted here.

Both megaposters refer to the website There, the accusations of the Hamasil Foundation are taken up point by point and refuted with facts. In this way, people in the neighborhood should be able to inform themselves.

... and the current poster for the appeal. (Pictures: zVg.)

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