Ruf Lanz wins international awards with four campaigns

Ruf Lanz was included in the creative bible "Lürzer's Archive Best Advertising Worldwide" with four campaigns at once.

"Lürzer's Archive" presents the most creative campaigns in global advertising every four months. The rigorously curated magazine is published in 68 countries and is regarded as a benchmark by agencies and clients. Ruf Lanz is represented with four campaigns in the just published issue 3/2023. The first is the "Cool down in the museum" campaign for Haus Konstruktiv. In the hot summer of 2023, Ruf Lanz invited the public to cool down in the museum. With Swiss ice cream classics, which in their radical reduction are reminiscent of concrete art.



Second, with the "Serving Bells" campaign for Hiltl. In this way, the veggie pioneer, whose roots go back to 1898, sets itself apart from the many imitators who only offer self-service and takeaway.



Third, with the "Animal Rights Deserve More Attention" campaign for the Animal in Law Foundation. A quick, shrewd response to the media frenzy surrounding Donald Trump, who became the first ex-president to be impeached in U.S. history.



For the fourth with the ongoing image campaign for Munich's public transport company MVG. The Munich-based company was allowed to launch a two-year pilot project with Ruf Lanz in 2022. Since then, several appearances made in Switzerland have already attracted attention in Germany.


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