ADC Switzerland is looking for new members

ADC Switzerland brings together the leading creatives in the communications industry. The ADC members, who come from various creative disciplines, have one thing in common: excellence in creative performance. Once again, therefore, the best Swiss creatives from all professional disciplines are now invited to apply for admission.

(Image: zVg. ADC Switzerland)

ADC Switzerland does not close its doors to any creative achievement. The doors of the club are open to all those who, with their expertise, make a substantial contribution to the final result of excellent communication. Interested parties can apply digitally via mail to Apply. The application should include a CV, a portfolio with the best work and any proof of achievement such as awards, exhibitions, etc.. Those who wish may also submit a physical portfolio in the form of a portfolio or book to the ADC office.

Potential members must also meet various admission criteria: The person must have appropriate recognition and benchmarks in their discipline, move (at least) Switzerland, have commissioners and goals, and also be an inspiring personality. Furthermore, a residence in Switzerland or Swiss citizenship is required. The annual fee is 850 Swiss francs.

The admissions committee meets soon

The admission committee, which consists of three members of the ADC board and three active members of the club, decides on new admissions. The commission examines the applications for admission and decides in a first step which candidates will be invited to a personal interview.

Applications received by ADC by October 30, 2023 at the latest will be considered for the next admissions committee. On November 1, the commission will review the applications, and one week later the candidates will meet in person.

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