Bern City Council has advertising ban for air travel and cars examined

Bern's city council is investigating whether advertising posters for air travel and cars should be banned on public property. With 45 to 27 votes, it passed a postulate from the ranks of the Junge Alternative on Thursday.

The Bern City Council is considering whether to ban advertising posters for air travel and cars on public property. Pictured: Car advertising in Geneva in 2008. (Archive photo: Keystone/Martial Trezzini)

Flying and driving should "under no circumstances be promoted" because of climate change, the motion says. Advertisements - for example, for vacations in faraway countries - should also carry a warning that flying causes serious damage to the environment and thus also to the health of this and future generations.

Opposition came from the center-right. Erich Hess (SVP), for example, said that freedom of trade and industry prevails in Switzerland. The proposal therefore contradicted federal law.

Tom Berger (FDP) wondered if he had stumbled into a satirical event: products that could be freely advertised throughout Switzerland should come with a warning label in the city of Bern.

The city government showed itself ready to examine the request. Councillor Marieke Kruit (SP) pointed out that private spaces would not be affected by a ban - such as train stations and shopping centers. The municipal council must submit the review report by the end of 2025. (SDA)

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