Swatch advertising suggests partnership with Blancpain

The Swatch watch brand is expected to launch a series of watches with another partner from the luxury segment next Saturday, after the great success with Omega and the "Moonswatch". We are talking about the Blancpain brand, which also belongs to the Swatch Group.

With a partnership with Blancpain, Swatch probably wants to build on the success of the "Moonswatch." (Symbol image:

The new partnership is indicated by an advertising offensive that Swatch has launched in recent days in various countries in print media, on social media and on its own website. In addition to Swatch, the ad also mentions Blancpain, as well as the five oceans and the date of next Saturday, September 9, 2023.

There is still no official word on the possible watch launch. In response to an inquiry from AWP, the Swatch Group's media office said on Monday: "Wait and see".

According to an article published by the Handelszeitung on Monday, however, the new partnership between Swatch and Blancpain is a done deal next Saturday. Five Swatch versions named after the world's oceans are to be launched in Blancpain dress. Blancpain is known for its diving watches.

With the new partnership, Swatch probably wants to build on the success of the "Moonswatch" launched in March 2022. The Swatch watch in the design of the Omega cult watch "Moonwatch", which is available in eleven different color combinations at 250 francs a piece, has been in great demand since its launch. The original costs 6000 francs and more.

The range of the "Moonswatch" is limited and the watch models are only available in selected retail outlets. Long queues sometimes formed in front of these Swatch boutiques. In 2022, Swatch said it sold over one million "Moonswatch" watches. (SDA)

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