FDP uses image subject created by AI for election campaign

The FDP has launched a new poster campaign for the federal elections in the fall. For the first time, it also used a fictitious photo subject created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

The picture, first distributed on Sunday, shows suspected climate activists in orange high-visibility vests sitting on the ground on a downtown street. In front of them are vehicles, most notably an ambulance with blue lights. The scene never existed like this. It is made up of various photos.

The FDP wants to denounce the "destructive actions" of climate activists with the poster "Anpacken statt anklekleben!", as the party announced. Instead of street blockades, constructive solutions are needed.

The FDP is breaking new ground with the poster, it said. The motif was generated with the help of AI. The party is basically positive about the technology. However, it is against deliberate deception of the public. Therefore, the Federal Council party marked the use of AI on all affected posters.

The FDP had already presented its election campaign and the campaign program in May. According to its own statements, the second step followed on Sunday with an umbrella campaign. The campaign, which focuses on the economy, security of supply and retirement provision, was launched at numerous billboard locations and in social media. (SDA)

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