"There are far too few women in the creative industry"

To kick off Creative Days 23, an event organized by ADC Switzerland that focuses on promoting women in the creative industry, Werbewoche.ch held its first inspiring discussions with dedicated personalities, which have been captured on video. The aim of these discussions is to raise awareness and encourage greater support for women in the industry.

ADC Switzerland juries and supports the advertising industry to move it forward, so Raul Serrat, Board of Directors ADC Switzerland. "Creative Days" is a format that serves this goal. Advertisingweek.ch asked the CCO of Serviceplan Suisse about this.

ADC Forward: For more diversity and equal opportunities in the Swiss creative industry

In the interview with Advertisingweek.ch speak Stefanie Huber and Inken Rohweder von Trotha about their commitment to the "ADC Forward" program. They are both on the board of ADC Switzerland and work as freelance art & creative directors. They are dissatisfied with the low percentage of women in ADC Switzerland, which is only 12 percent. Their goal is to use the "ADC Forward" program to support underrepresented groups whose talents have not been sufficiently appreciated so far.

Pascal Geissbühler, Brand & Organizational Consultant at Biographis, led the workshop "Creative Selfdirection" during Creative Days 23. Participants refined their professional profile following inspiring impulses and exchanged ideas with other participants. Geissbühler was asked by werbewoch.ch to provide a summary of his program. The workshop was exclusively for women and completely booked out. Joséphine Schöb from Merkle DACH shares her experience as a participant.

"The narrative in the media about Gen Z is too negative"

This says Dora Osinde in the werbewoche.ch interview. She doesn't want to work less, but her understanding of work-life balance is different. She attaches more importance to what values an employer represents and to what extent she can identify with them. The question of gender quotas is also raised, and in this area things look even bleaker in our northern neighbor than here in Switzerland, with women making up only 10 percent of the workforce. At C-level, this figure is even only around one percent. In the interview, Osinde also reports on the content of her workshop.

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