New AR advertising solution from Converto: "A must-have experience for fashion lovers!"

After five years of research, advertising company Converto announces the launch of "Converto Augmented" for the entire DACH region. The story exclusively here on

The Converto's latest solution is based on Augmented Reality (AR) and positions itself as a door opener for novel brand awareness campaigns that are not only eye-catching, but whose emotional campaign impact is tangible and motivates interaction. explained the new advertising experience.

By means of face and body part recognition, you can experience AR advertising up close and become part of augmented reality. Clothing, glasses, etc. can be tried on virtually directly in the advertising material. In addition, products can be presented in 3D and 360 degrees in an almost tangible way. AR gamification in advertising media also enables brands to interact with users in a new way. VR glasses are not required for this type of experience - all that is needed is a finger, a mouse, or gesture and motion control.

"Our AR advertising solution provides an absolute wow experience. With this solution, Converto has succeeded in overcoming one of the big stumbling blocks in our industry, namely banner blindness," says Andy Bartneck, Head of Marketing and Innovation at Converto.

Omnichannel fashion retailer PKZ is also convinced: "With the Converto AR solution, we can show the high quality of our fashion and its details in an

fascinating virtual reality. A must-have experience for fashion lovers," says Anke Leupold, Head of E-Marketing at PKZ.

In addition to the positive impact on the perception of advertising, Converto Augmented promises another benefit for brands and agencies: the solution should be able to understand and report on the emotional reaction to the advertising, Converto explains to The facial movement data would be captured via smartphone cameras and interpreted with Artificial Intelligence. "The ability to understand the emotional response to advertising for the first time opens new doors for the development of brand and advertising campaigns," says Kim Engels, CEO of Converto.

Converto offers a free feasibility analysis as well as a detailed implementation assessment to ensure that even extensive advertising campaigns can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

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