Advertising associations do not want bilingual advertising in Biel

Various advertising associations have spoken out against the revision of the advertising regulations of the city of Biel. Among other things, this stipulates that advertisements must be designed in both official languages. The Biel City Council is tackling the issue on Wednesday.

Advertising associations do not want bilingual advertisements and oppose the revision of Biel's advertising regulations. (Symbol image: Keystone/Martin Ruetschi)

As the associations Aussenwerbung Schweiz, KS/CS Kommunikation Schweiz and the Schweizer Werbeauftraggeberverband SWA announced in a joint statement on Monday, they criticize the revision of the regulations in particular the "compulsion to be bilingual" for advertisements in Biel. The "Biel advertising ban," as the associations say, would stand alone internationally and have negative effects.

The associations see five reasons against bilingual advertisements. First, advertisers would be restricted by the regulations. Second, the revised regulations violate the Federal Constitution. The constitution guarantees economic freedom, advertising freedom, freedom of expression and artistic freedom, the communiqué stated.

Thirdly, it is not expedient for advertisers to design a separate bilingual campaign for the Biel location. Fourth, bilingualism is often not feasible for design reasons. And fifthly, fewer campaigns would be realized in Biel as a result of the revision.

The municipal council wants a total revision of the 21-year-old advertising regulations. The council also wants to ensure that posters and advertisements do not impair the quality of life and safety in public spaces. After the discussion in the city council next Wednesday, the electorate is expected to decide on the regulations on June 18. ( reported). (SDA/swi)

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