Biel presents new advertising regulations

Advertising in both official languages, no interference in public spaces: the city of Biel has adopted new advertising regulations. The electorate has the final say.

Image: Keystone; Martin Ruetschi.

Advertising in the city of Biel must always be in both official languages. This is provided for in the new advertising regulations. According to the municipal council, posters and advertisements must not impair the cityscape, the quality of life or safety in public spaces.
The totally revised regulations are to replace the provisions that have been in force for 21 years, as the city of Biel announced on Thursday. After the treatment in the city council next Wednesday, the electorate will decide on the regulations on June 18.

"Continued wide scope"

According to the municipal council, the advertising regulations take into account the freedom of trade and industry in the use and design of advertising. It continues to allow a great deal of leeway for the placement of posters in public spaces and advertisements for companies. At the same time, advertising should be embedded as harmoniously as possible in the cityscape.

The size of the advertising media and their digitalization lead to a different and often stronger influence on and use of the public space, writes the municipal council in its report. This requires clear rules that also ensure transparency and equal treatment of the applicants.

The demand for a ban on religious advertising in and on the vehicles of the public transport company Verkehrsbetriebe Biel (VB) had recently led to discussions in the city ( reported). The local council pointed out that a general ban on religious advertising is unconstitutional. However, this type of advertising will be scrutinized more closely in the future. An agreement with the Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft (APG) stipulates that the APG will consult with the VB if a specific advertising request is deemed "sensitive" from a legal point of view, as the municipal council noted in early February. (jag/sda)

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