Viaduct for Zug Tourism: New Strategy - New Look

Zug Tourism has developed a new strategy for 2022. The Viaduct agency provides the matching look.

Zug Tourism has developed a new strategy for 2022. The sharpening and further development of the strategic orientation is primarily aimed at promoting quality and individual tourism that is rich in value. The strategy will be implemented nationally, internationally, in the business and leisure sectors. This realignment also includes the creation and implementation of a new content and visual identity.

"In love with train" reinterpreted

The POI (Points of Interest) become POL (Points of Love). The result is not just a new logo, but a whole series of messages that, enriched with existing and familiar elements, enable a varied yet familiar appearance. Through an honest design in a reduced look, the dialog with the target groups is established and allows everyone to help shape the brand.

Under this premise, a communication appearance was developed, which is more modern, more urban, but also more relaxed. The requirements for the communication were that it should be sympathetic, surprising and also more active.

The launch of the new image was staggered. In addition to the classic corporate design components and the campaign, a new website, literature, give-aways and activation elements were developed and successively adapted to the new look and implemented.

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