Ad School graduates 28 communication industry talents

At the fourth course at the Ad School, 28 students have been graduated. They received the Ad School certificate and the "Certificate of Advanced Studies Creation and Strategic Planning" from the HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich.

The graduates of the fourth Ad School course. (Image: zVg.)

As their final project, the students developed a campaign for a product of the briefing company Kägi Söhne. The teams, consisting of creatives and strategists and consultants, presented their final projects to the jury of the Ad-School Board and representatives of Kägi. The students received their certificates at the certificate ceremony on March 2 in the ADC Gallery. In addition, three winning teams were awarded the ADC cubes in bronze, silver and gold.

The graduates of the Ad School 2022

Course with specialization in strategy:

Agatha Golab, Alain Stocker, Alexia Siegwart, Elena Neff, Fabienne Schmid, Fabienne Wich, Julia Schmutz, Katharina Binder, Laura Schädler, Maria Schwery, Michelle Hauri, Sylvana Ulrich.

Course with specialization in creation

Adrian Busse, Alba Rau, Andreas Güntensperger, Anna-Fiona Geller, Carina Kienzle, Caroline Minar, Elif Soysal, Evelyn Schellenberg, Gianni Peng, Jan Theus, Jasmin Giger, Manuel Täuber, Pierina Laube, Silvan Maximilian Hohl, Silvio Britschgi, Urs Breitenmoser, Vanessa Niklaus.

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