This ad won the most awards worldwide in 2022

Ad Forum publishes its latest Business Creative Report: a ranking of the most awarded ads worldwide. The result is a real surprise.

Now in its sixth year, AdForum's Business Creative Report is a unique ranking of the world's most awarded campaigns by industry. This year's report was published in collaboration with Kantar Media.

You can find the full report here:

The report covers nine categories: Automotive, Entertainment & Leisure, Finance, Food& Beverage, Health & Beauty, Luxury, Retail, Technology, and Transportation & Tourism.

Rigorously compiled from the results of the leading awards shows around the world, it allows advertisers and agencies to measure their creative impact against their peers in the same industry.

This year's report is based on the results of more than 40 local and global awards ceremonies. It also includes a number of new local and specialized awards, including Best !n (Spain), CCB (Belgium), the Webby Awards (more specifically the Advertising, Media and PR category) and Clio Entertainment.

A real surprise

One of the report's key findings was that - in this digital age - the most awarded campaign globally last year overall was a print campaign: Alma's "Better With Pepsi." Although social media helped spread its fame, it owed its visual flair to the skills of an origami artist.

Alvar Suñol, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer at Alma, commented, "Our journey with 'Better With Pepsi' has been phenomenally well received and we are truly honored by this recognition. I hope it is seen especially as an example that beauty, lives in print, and how advertising in its simplest forms are still memorable forms of storytelling. As an idea guided by cultural tension, detail and genuine craft, 'Better With Pepsi' is a true reminder of why many of us, myself included, fell in love with advertising in the first place."

Focus Europe

In Europe, there is a curiosity in the "Automotive" category, as the most awarded campaign "Pudding" for Mercedes Benz was created by a film school - the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Also notable in this category is Jung von Matt's print campaign for Hyundai, "The Bigger Crash." The health and beauty category is clearly dominated by Dove and Ogilvy, who continue their successful partnership. Reversing recent trends, entertainment and leisure campaigns for traditional media were seen as more creative than those for video games, with the number one spot going to Channel 4 and "Super. Human." the trailer for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Elsewhere, a wide range of brands were praised by awards juries last year, suggesting that creativity thrives across a variety of industries.

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