revDSG: New guide for the advertising industry

The four associations SWA, VSM, LSA and IAB have published a joint industry recommendation on the revised Data Protection Act (revDSG) for their members. The guide provides answers to questions that will frequently arise in connection with the implementation of the revDSG. In addition, the explanations are illustrated with some common use cases.

The Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) has been revised in recent years. The revised text of the law (revDSG) together with its revised ordinance (revDSV) will now, after lengthy discussions in Parliament and the public, be definitively published on
come into force on September 1, 2023. These provisions have far-reaching implications for companies in the Swiss advertising industry.

Swiss companies that already comply with the provisions of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be able to implement the revDSG with manageable effort. However, if a company is now dealing with these provisions for the first time, it will mainly be the implementation of the new compliance obligations and the review of contracts with service providers, customers and other third parties that will take up some financial, time and human resources.

In addition to the revision, however, there have been other developments in data protection in recent years that present companies with quite a few thorny legal issues and practical problems. The IAB Switzerland Association IAB, the Swiss Media Publishers Association VSM, Leading Swiss Agencies LSA and the Swiss Advertisers Association SWA have jointly developed an industry recommendation to help their members answer questions that frequently arise in the implementation of the revised data protection law.

The guide was written by the Vischer data protection team under the leadership of David Rosenthal and Rolf Auf der Maur, Head of the Legal Working Group at IAB Switzerland.

"For the associations involved and their members, data protection is a constant, complex core issue. Accordingly, there was a great need for a recommendation for the industry that not only illuminates the extensive implications, but also highlights typical problems and provides practical solutions to them," says Urs Flückiger , Managing Director of IAB Switzerland. "With the new guide, developed by proven experts, a profound assistance with concrete recommendations for action has been created."

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