Member survey: Why join the Gisler Protocol?

The "Gisler Protocol" was launched almost two years ago. What has changed since then? The Gender Initiative has launched a member survey.

The Gisler Protocol is an initiative for the multifaceted representation of gender in marketing, advertising and communication. The Gisler Protocol 2021 was launched by Annette Häcki and Nina Bieli from Jung von Matt ( reported).

In the meantime, the Gisler Protocol is an independent association with over 120 members and an eight-member association board, in which various regions of Switzerland, different agency sizes and the Leading Swiss Agencies are represented.

In a survey, the association asked its members why they are involved and what has changed with the Gisler Protocol since they joined.

Why are you involved in the Gisler Protocol?

"There needs to be a change in thinking and old patterns need to be broken. That's where a sign is needed. That's why!" - Boff Film Production and Video Production

"Representation is important and natural for us. That's why we pay attention to points of protocol during internal feedback loops." - Carmen Schoder, Partner & Communications Consultant at Feinheit

"It's not enough to include women*! The Gisler Protocol creates more awareness in our copywriting." - Giant Red Communication

"Because it is important that diversity and true equality become consciously visible and perceptible. Always and everywhere." - Marlies Eggen, consultant & owner at Me.kommunikation

"With the Gisler Protocol, we create more awareness and sensitization for the topic - in the team and with our clientele." - Desirée Moor, Head of Services at Whatwedo

"To agree is not enough. The protocol helps us in the SME segment to show that certain ideas are outdated. And it gives our feedback more weight." - Andi Gentsch, Co-Managing Director at Office for Refreshment

"The protocol reinforces my attitude to always point out the importance of inclusive language in text and images to clients." - Jrene Rolli, UX Writer & Copywriter at Hello Jrene

"'No man is a potted plant' - what an apt image in one sentence! This principle on imagery has further sensitized us." - Raphael Bühler, CEO & Partner at Bühler & Bühler

"The concerns of the Gisler Protocol are important. Our awareness has increased and we are questioning certain things more." - Thomas Frommelt, Owner & CEO at Propaganda Marketing

What has changed for you since you joined?

 "We try to map protocol in our ideas, concepts and stories - whether it's through language or appropriate gender representation." - Newsroom Communication

"We have a responsibility because we reach a lot of people. There has been a real increase in awareness with us. Not just externally, but internally as well." - Diff. Communication

"Inclusive language and breaking stereotypes are important not only in advertising, but also in digital products and the IT industry." - Apps with love

"Wherever possible, we want to raise awareness among our customers! And also internally we have more exchange on the Gisler Protocol topics since joining." - Nina Vagli, Consulting & Member of the Executive Board at McKinivan

"The Gisler Protocol represents an important message to drive change. It supports us to continue the way we are going." - Premotion

"The protocol serves as a guardrail for us in developing ideas. And it helps us argue for gender-diverse copywriting with clients." - Laura Marti, Copywriter & Owner at Inyourface

"It's a good way to sensitize our team. We're much more mindful of language and stereotypes." - OnlineKarma

"Using inclusive language and avoiding role stereotypes - that's important to us as a political communications agency." - Polsan

"We see it as our responsibility to make a positive impact with our work. Since we've been a member, we talk about it more - even with clients." - Ogilvy

"Thanks to the Gisler protocol, our commitment is now more visible. It has also led to greater commitment from all employees." - Patrick Zinsli, Key Account Management at Cmsbox

"By joining, we are committing to inclusive communication. We are more aware of the Gisler Protocol issues in our work." - Core Fire

"The engagement in the Gisler Protocol helps us to create awareness for the topic internally and to show its importance." - Daniel Frischknecht Knörr, Managing Partner at Eyevip Cloud

"I was shocked at how advertising has transported role models in recent years. With our engagement, we can influence it from now on." Lea Masserini, Head of Communications at Zone B

"The issue of equality is becoming more consciously part of everyday life - and I know that I'm not alone in my efforts." -

"With every assignment, I consciously also think about the implementation with 'Gisler Protocol glasses'." - Rea Wittwer, Copywriter, Concept Designer & Journalist, Rea Wittwer Text und Konzept

"It's good to know that something is happening in society and in the communications industry - that we are part of a movement that is changing the world." - Adrian Hanselmann, Copywriter & Strategist at BMQ Partners

"Internal awareness and active engagement ensure multi-faceted gender representation in our work." - Pink Ideas Network

"Because the cliché kink is long overdue and we as agencies can - and must - all actively do something about it!" - Elmar Müller, Partner and Strategy Director at Solid Identities

"Inclusive language should not be seen as extra sausage, but as a matter of course. Let's get the potted plants talking! :)" - Nathalie Stöckli, owner/copywriter at Minestrone PR & Communications

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