Wirz for Migros: smart buying is half the battle

In their new campaign, Migros and Wirz bring M-Budget's low-priced products onto the stage - and pay a big compliment to price-conscious customers.

In times of inflation and uncertainty, many people are also paying more attention to money when shopping. Nevertheless, no one understandably wants to sacrifice quality, even when it comes to everyday products. The new M-Budget campaign therefore has a clear message for all price-conscious people who, when buying washing-up liquid, orange juice and the like, pay less attention to overstaged advertising campaigns and illustrious names than to convincing content.

Marc Zurbrügg, Brand Manager at MGB, explains: "Unlike other low-price brands, with M-Budget you don't just benefit from the low price. Many of our everyday products are among our customers' absolute favorites, are top sellers in their field, and enjoy real cult status in Switzerland. So when you put M-Budget products in your shopping cart, you're simply shopping smart." In the new campaign, M-Budget consistently demonstrates this with its own product range. Accordingly, the products are the stars on all advertising material. Says Lorenz Clormann, responsible for ECD at Wirz: "M-Budget stands for likeable honesty and impeccable quality without unnecessary fuss. We also reflect these qualities in the overall look of the campaign, which was implemented in a simple, clear and yet high-quality manner." Three 3D-animated TV and online spots each present salad, cat food, toothpaste and co. from their best side.

The moving image formats are flanked by poster sujets, ads, DOOH, bumpers and display ads.


Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Nadine Hess (Head of Marketing Communications), Katharina Müller (Head of Brand Management), Franziska Coninx (Head of Strategic Own Brands), Marc Zurbrügg (Brand Manager), Chloe Monti (Brand Manager), Celina Bernasconi (Project Manager Media), Simone Blaser (Senior Project Manager Media) Responsible at Wirz Group: Livio Dainese, Lorenz Clormann, Caspar Heuss, Jannic Mascello, Mark Stahel, Adrian Busse, Elena Gabriel, Nico Schläpfer, Vanessa Lehmann-Spallek, Laura Schädler, Fabienne Hug, Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer, Thomas Peller, Yussef Serrat, Karin Gartmann, Robin Schuler. Responsible for Media: Dynamo Team of Dentsu Switzerland AG.

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