The Swiss egg gets its own TV commercial

Swiss eggs are under pressure - in order to strengthen confidence, Gallosuisse is now relying on a new image campaign by Erdmannpeisker around the hen's egg.

The figures from Gallosuisse are impressive: more than 76 percent of consumers already buy Swiss eggs and this despite the fact that eggs from Switzerland are massively more expensive than the foreign competition. The trust in Swiss eggs seems to be very high. Nevertheless, the Swiss egg is coming under increasing pressure from social and political changes. The association "Gallosuisse" wants to react to these challenges at an early stage and further strengthen the Swiss egg as a brand of trust. Within the framework of a pitch, the mandate for the communication of the brand "The Swiss Egg" was newly awarded to the agency erdmannpeisker.

As a first communication measure, the new TV commercial will be broadcast in the run-up to Christmas.

The new spot stages a longing that we all know: In this globalized, fast-changing and increasingly complex world, we long for regionality, solid values and for things that are and remain simple - just like a Swiss egg. In an authentic and charming way, the spot provides good reasons why we should continue to choose Swiss eggs. And as we all know, good reasons are the most important basis for trust.

The campaign is complemented by a Christmas motif for Digital out of Home.

The second phase of the new image campaign will follow in spring 23, when the TV campaign will be supplemented with out-of-home and social media measures.

Responsible at Gallosuisse: Simone Möri (Marketing Project Manager), Karin Frederiks (Marketing Department), Willi Neuhauser (Marketing Department): Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Direction), Selina Helbling (Consulting), Christina Weisser, Jenny Ziörjen (Art Direction), Markenfilm (Film Production), Ivan Boljat (Director), Joel Scheidegger / Florian Studer (Producer), Lukas Wälli (Camera), Nono Photography (Photos).

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