Digitec Galaxus: Computer campaign between Brutalism and Dada

Galaxus' multi-award-winning Generative campaign is going into the next round. For this, the graphic skills of the algorithm were honed. The result: 10,226 subjects that "no human being would ever have designed in this way.

According to a media release, Digitec Galaxus considers these subjects of the current campaign to be successful ...

Galaxus 2020 proved with the first flight of the Generativ campaign that an algorithm can generate entertaining local subjects and insights from shopping data. Thus, a new challenge was needed for the algorithm developed by in-house creation. Therefore, unlike the rather simple layout of the first Generativ campaign, this time the calculation process also tried its hand at design. The result after several days of computing: 10,226 different subjects of sometimes more, sometimes less artistic value - from random genius to striking Dada.

...this one, according to the company, rather less so.

The fact that chance is not a designer, and therefore all the more exciting, is deliberately part of the campaign's concept. Although the algorithm was programmed to follow certain rules of striking design, such as large product images and headlines, the superimposition of the elements themselves gave it a great deal of design freedom. Accordingly, the subjects radically break with the advertising visual habits and thus create additional attention.

Geo-targeting refined again

Geo-targeting has also been further exploited in the new flight: in addition to familiar mechanisms such as regional comparisons or surprising causalities between certain first names and products, there are also subjects on what was bought in which radius of a poster site. And when played on PostBus Passenger TV, the subjects change live during the journey to match the location.

Interactive map with 2'726 subjects

The campaign with all 10,226 subjects can be seen throughout Switzerland on billboards, e-boards, e-panels, hanging boxes and other media until October 30. Go to an interactive map with 2,726 location-specific subjects right now here.

Responsible at Digitec Galaxus: Martin Walthert (Chief Marketing Officer), Flurin Spring (Creative Direction), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management), Jill Wanner (Project Management & Brand Management), Severin Keller (Concept & Development), Alessandro Thüler (Art Direction), Lorena Pati, Julian Zihlmann, Ismael Ossorio Lopez (Data Analysis), Joel Willi (Development), Gesine Hauder (Media Planning), Anne Chapuis (French Translation).

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