Visana: Whatsapp with Mujinga & Co.

After "Mujinga's Challenge" in the spring, now the "Visana Challenge": The 200-meter European champion is now supported by Stucki Chrigu and her sister Ditaji. And now you can receive your daily challenge directly from the three celebrities via WhatsApp.

Visana's commitment to more healthy exercise goes into the next round this fall. This time, however, Visana ambassador Mujinga Kambundji is not alone in motivating the Swiss to take part in the latest challenge. Mujinga is being supported by the "wrestling king of hearts" Stucki Chrigu and her sister Ditaji, the European Championship bronze medal winner in the 100m hurdles.

Each of the three celebrities is in charge of one of three 10-day challenges focusing on exercise, relaxation or nutrition and challenges the participants with a new task every morning - alternately with a personal text, voice or video message via WhatsApp directly to their cell phone.

This challenging setting was made possible by the close collaboration between Visana, its lead agency KOMET, the online and performance specialists from Nerves, and the WhatsApp experts from Paixon, according to a press release.

Social video ads, TV spots and OOH media throughout Switzerland, also by KOMET, draw attention to the "Visana Challenge" and thus to the new Visana health platform At their center - how could it be otherwise - are Mujinga, Ditaji and Chrigu. 

Responsible at Visana: Maurizio Della Mura (Project Manager and Head of Customer Journey Management), Esther Trüssel (Deputy Project Manager, Marketing Specialist), Franziska Lehman (Marketing Specialist), Michèle Leu (Project Manager Online Campaign), Melanie Studer (Dialog Marketing, Marketing Specialist), Lea Ferrante (Marketing Specialist), Marc Schwarz (Head of Marketing & Communications), Simon Stettler (Head of Sponsorship). Responsible at Komet: Jeff Gerber (CD), Daniel Müller (text), Claudio Parente (AD/graphics), Timo Brandt (DTP), Corinne Hert (head of consulting), Sascha Schilt (consulting). Film Production: Maybaum Film, Baden/Bern. Photos: Rob Lewis Photography, Bern. Chatbot WhatsApp: Paixon, Schlieren. Landing page: Nerves, Zurich. Media Agency: TW Media, Basel.

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