elleSD launches image campaign for Zentralbahn

The agency addresses commuters and residents in central Switzerland with a new poster, online and live campaign.

Humanity, personal closeness and emotional connection have always been central factors that shape the way people work together at Zentralbahn. The image campaign "iisi Bahn verbindet" (iisi = our) is aimed at making these values more visible and tangible again in everyday life. The creative agency elleSD with Lorena Oliveri as project manager and Diana Kottmann as producer developed the strategy, designed the implementation and produced the content.

The results are posters at the stations, videos on different screens, postcards and surprise actions at the platform or in the trains. Two local ambassadors served as the faces that make these values visible. With their statements, they represent the commuters and residents of generations X and Z. The link on social media (#iisiBahnverbindet) connects the off- and online world.

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